About MuniSight

Connect and simplify municipal information.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, we have been providing solutions & services to help Canadian governments simplify municipal information since 2002.

We are a customer-driven municipal service provider, dedicated to helping small urban and rural municipalities. We are a trusted advisor for over 500 Canadian municipalities, helping them to find efficiencies and improve service delivery through integrating business systems and creating an interdepartmental hub. Our solutions have helped Administration, Public Works, Finance, Planning, Agriculture, Protective Services, and other departments connect and simplify data and workflows.

Our knowledgeable staff consists of experts in the fields of municipal administration and operations, asset management, customer success, software development, GIS, and data management. We believe technology and innovation are key to helping municipalities address their toughest challenges.

Why MuniSight?

Experience in Canada

We are solely dedicated to helping Canadian communities with all data and software built and stored in Canada

Small Community Focused

We specialize in small urban and rural-based municipalities.

Trusted Advisors

MuniSight is dedicated to connecting and simplifying municipal information to help municipalities do more with their data.


MuniSight is proud to announce that it has been selected as a recipient of the 2020 Canadian Business Excellence Award for Private Business.

The Canadian Business Excellence Awards for Private Businesses presented by Excellence Canada is a national award administered annually. This special designation recognizes businesses from all industries that demonstrate a strategic approach to successfully improving performance and achieving goals.

Applicants are evaluated by the adjudication committee of the Canadian Business Excellence Award against the award criteria in three key performance areas:

  1. Delighted Customers;

  2. Engaged Employees; and

  3. Innovation