Take your infestation management in the field

Managing your municipal agriculture operations has never been simpler.

AG-Mobile allows your municipality to manage infestations, easily. Take our mobile tool into the field to track and manage weed and pests. Stay on top of tasks and easily accomplish legislative requirements with AG-Mobile’s weed and pest manager.

Manage Weed & Pests in the Field

Built With Ag Field Personnel in Mind

Manage weed and pest infestations, integrate data, meet legislative outcomes, and manage tasks.

Simplify Your Inspection Process

View and collect data on your mobile device, automatically sync with WebMap, work offline, and ensure accurate data.

Generate Reports

Automatically generate notices and letters. Create custom reports and centralize records.

Book MuniSight AG-Mobile Demo

We provide a simple solution to improve your day-to-day activities. Demo’s typically take 20-30 minutes and are done online with our customer success team.

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    Eliminate information silos with WebMap. Our GIS-based solution simplifies municipal data, allowing you to stop running around looking for information.

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    Build a solid foundation for asset management. AMP helps you assess, plan, and implement – when you start simple, it makes planning easy.

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    MuniSight Planner is your digital platform to handle your municipality’s permits. No more permits scattered across multiple systems and folders.

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    MuniSight AG-Mobile – Frequently Asked Questions.

    How do I sync AG-Mobile application, with WebMap?

    AG-mobile mobile will automatically synchronize its data with Webmap when it has internet access, via wireless internet (wi-fi) or cellphone coverage.

    How much cellphone data and storage does the application use?

    There is a large variance in application data usage and storage space. If a user wishes to minimize the amount of cellphone data usage, it is recommended that they download offline data from AG-mobile while connected to wireless internet services (wi-fi) before heading out into the field. You can also work with Munisight to customize the data layers that are available when using the app in online mode or offline mode.

    What are the hardware requirements?

    • AG-Mobile runs within MuniSight Mobile
    • MuniSight Mobile runs on Android and iOS operating systems. Any hardware that uses these operating systems can be used to run MuniSight Mobile, such as a smartphone or tablet.
    • AG-Mobile uses the GPS and location capabilities of the smartphone or tablet.