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Is Your Municipality Prepared?

During a crisis, timely communication and dependability are expected from leaders. It is crucial for municipalities to have plans of communication for any recognized risks.

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MuniSight works with over 500 municipalities across Canada
  • Integrates with your local tax system
  • Pinpoint hazards on WebMap
  • Quickly gather phone and email contact information
  • Configure alert duration and contact attempts
  • Prioritize by those who require assistance
  • Create templated communication

Communications Preparedness Quiz

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Eliminate information silos with WebMap. Our GIS-based solution simplifies municipal data, allowing you to stop running around looking for information.

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Build a solid foundation for asset management. AMP helps you assess, plan, and implement – when you start simple, it makes planning easy.

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Take your infestation management in the field. Optimize agriculture field personnel workflows by managing inspections & infestations, easily.

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MuniSight Planner is your digital platform to handle your municipality’s permits. No more permits scattered across multiple systems and folders.

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MuniSight and the FCM work together as corporate partners. As we continue to expand services to communities across Canada, MuniSight looks to follow the highest standards. The partnership showcases our efforts to provide the most current, efficient, and innovative asset management practices.