Asset Management Planning simplified with MuniSight AMP

MuniSight AMP helps small municipalities excel in asset management planning

Our simple solution takes the complexity out of asset management. AMP works seamlessly with WebMap to help you meet your goals. The foundation of municipal asset management is knowing where your assets are, what they are, and what they are made of. When you and your team have the answers to these questions, you are empowered to start making data driven decisions about repairing, maintaining, and replacing community infrastructure.

Asset Management Made Simple

Manage Assets

Manage a variety of asset classes including road, sewer, fleets, equipment, and buildings.

Work Flow Management

Produce service requests, work orders and maintenance reports and attach them to assets

Asset Collection

Collect assets in the field and conduct condition assessments using your smartphone.

Citizen Reporting Tool

Easily allow ratepayers to submit service requests, notify internal teams, and follow request progress.

Take Action

Turn your asset management plan into outcomes that help municipal asset planning and forecasting.

Centralized Data

Municipal hub that works as a centralized database for all asset information including condition and risk assessments, levels of service, and basic attributes.

Asset Management Planning

We provide a variety of asset management services from training to policies. Our in-house specialists work with municipalities to write & analyze asset management plans and policies, as well as to provide AMP set-up and training, recommendations, and conclusions.

FCM Corporate Partner

MuniSight and the FCM work together as corporate partners. As we continue to expand services to communities across Canada, MuniSight looks to follow the highest standards. The partnership showcases our efforts to provide the most current, efficient, and innovative asset management practices.

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We provide a simple solution to improve your day-to-day activities. Demos typically take 20-30 minutes and are done virtually with our customer success team.


Eliminate information silos with WebMap. Our GIS-based solution simplifies municipal data, allowing you to stop running around looking for information.

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MuniSight Planner is your digital platform to handle your municipality’s permits. No more permits scattered across multiple systems and folders.

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Take your infestation management in the field. Optimize agriculture field personnel workflows by managing inspections & infestations, easily.

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MuniSight AMP – Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Asset Management Planning?

The term “Asset Management” is a catch-all term that is used by many different entities to describe entirely different things. Asset Management Planning focuses on determining the quality, and reliability of a service that ratepayers receive from a municipal asset.

What is the pricing of AMP software

MuniSight offers flexible pricing that can match any municipality’s budget structure. We typically offer our software on an annual subscription basis, but can adopt our pricing model to have low subscription fees.
The term of the software contracts ranges from 1 – 5 years, with 3 years being the average term.
Contact our team to get a quote! (Toll-free +1-855-898-6864)

What hardware do we need to run AMP?

MuniSight offers cloud hosting services for all of its software products, and therefore, clients are not required to purchase any hardware. Our Servers are located in Canada, and operate with the highest level of security.

Asset Management Planning - where do we start?

Our advice is always to start today – no matter where the starting point is. Asset Management Planning is not a one-time project, but rather a continuous process that evolves over time.
So whether you are a municipality that has a full Asset Management Plan in place, or a municipality that doesn’t have any asset information, the goal remains the same: make your Asset Management Plan better today than it was yesterday.

We are a small municipality - is AMP right for us?

MuniSight AMP is specifically designed for small rural/urban municipalities. The average population of our current client base is 7,500 people, and our solution is specifically tailored to municipalities with populations less than 20,000.
If you are a municipality with a population larger than 20,000 we would be happy to refer you to other Asset Management Planning providers.

What if we don't have any asset information?

MuniSight AMP is designed to facilitate continuous improvement of the Asset Management Plan. Our solution highlights missing information to enable any municipality to focus on gathering that information that matters. Accordingly, we recommend gathering asset information over a long timeframe, instead of all at once.