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MuniSight AMP – Asset Management Planning made Simple

MuniSight’s Asset Management Planning (AMP) platform is a powerful tool that can help Municipalities extract the most value out of their existing assets. MuniSight AMP was built with municipalities in mind, and is tailored towards providing a simple and efficient solution to help municipalities manage their assets.

What is Asset Management Planning?

Asset Management Planning is the process of optimizing the usage of municipal assets, to support a Municipality in achieving its objectives and goals. The process involves evaluating assets based on level of service, relative condition, asset failure risk, and replacement cost. A properly run program involves all aspects of municipal operations including the training of personnel, the implementation of policies that consider the implications of Asset Management Planning, and the adoption of tools (such as software) to help a municipality organize their information. MuniSight AMP acts as a tool to help Municipalities manage their Asset Management information, while providing a best-in-class template on how to develop Asset Management Programs and integrating with existing MuniSight products.

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MuniSight AMP Features & Functionality

The Dashboard

The dashboard provides a snapshot view of the state of a Municipality’s Asset Management program. Here you can find the summary information that guides day-to-day operational, and year-to-year strategic decisions. The information shown in the Dashboard is driven by the data captured in a Municipality’s AMP system.

Asset Inventory

Get a good handle on what assets exist in your municipality by using MuniSight AMP’s Asset Inventory reports. These reports can be run easily, to help Municipal Administrators get a clear list of all of their assets.

Asset Detail

If you are looking for a high degree of detail, then the Asset Detail Pages are the right place to go. These pages list all of the most detailed information relating to a particular asset’s management. Navigate to this page by using AMP’s search functionality, or through the Asset Inventory reports.

Level of Service, Relative Condition, Asset Risk Failure, and Replacement Cost Assessments

Leverage MuniSight AMP’s templates and processes, for completing assessments on particular assets. MuniSight AMP also maintains smart modelling technology that can predict the replacement cost value of various assets.

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