Announcing MuniSight’s new Help Portal!

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MuniSight Help Portal – Self-serve solutions online!

We are excited to introduce a new client support tool, the MuniSight Help Portal. Our Help Portal will allow our clients to access to step-by-step instructions on performing tasks and answers to commonly asked questions all in our online repository of solutions.

Topics and Features:

The Help Portal currently covers topics for our MuniSight Webmap, MuniSight PD, and MuniSight AG. The portal will be adapted and expanded as necessary to include the most relevant and important topics that our customers are interested in.

The Help Portal gives you:

  • Access to real-time answers and instant information all online

  • Faster learning about new operations and features available within our products

  • Training made simple for newly hired staff within your municipality

  • A pre-built FAQ that you can “copy/paste” for your own public page (see here for more)

A search bar is included at the top of the Portal that allows for you to easily search and find available content.

Simply put, the MuniSight Help Portal saves you time and allows you to learn our applications faster than ever.

Dedicated to Our Customers

We at MuniSight are dedicated to strong customer service, and we believe that this new portal will augment the comprehensive technician support we already offer to our clients.  We are excited for this new launch, and we value your feedback as we expand our offerings.

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