Emerson-Franklin’s Journey Through the FCM Readiness Scale

Helping Emerson-Franklin build a solid foundation for sustainable asset management.

Partnership Overview

The province of Manitoba released legislation implementing municipal governments to meet specific Asset Management legislation. Many Rural Municipalities have a large portion of infrastructure nearing the end of its life but no formal program in place to help guide decision on how to manage these aging infrastructure. There are significant challenges municipalities face while choosing to repair or replace its infrastructure; therefore, the Municipality of Emerson-Franklin partnered with MuniSight to begin building their program and meeting provincial requirements.
MuniSight was successful in securing grant funding from the FCM Municipal Asset Management Program for Emerson-Franklin. This particular grant is eligible to cover up to $50,000 or 80% of project costs.

About Emerson-Franklin

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Before MuniSight

The Municipality of Emerson-Franklin did not possess any formal asset management documents or programs. Much of their asset information was scattered through a variety of departments, systems, and documents.

Senior Management and Council identified the benefits that asset management would deliver and that learning to be more proactive on asset planning, rather than reactive would benefit the municipality in the long term.

After learning about Emerson-Franklin, we identified that centralizing asset data, implementing guiding documents, and training municipal staff on asset management best practices, will help build a solid foundation for future asset management activities.



Many small municipalities do not have the funding to hire a full time asset management specialist.

Buy In

As the trusted advisor, we educate administration and council on the importance of sustainable asset management and long term planning.

Information Monopoly

Information is usually held in the minds of long term staff. Centralized information decreases the chances of losing information to turnover.

Connecting & Simplifying Emerson-Franklin’s Municipal Information

Project Outcome

01. Asset Management Services

MuniSight was able to build an asset management program that includes:

  • Asset Management Policy
  • Asset Management Strategy
  • Asset Management Plan

Project Outcome

02. Centralized Asset Database

MuniSight collected and compiled existing asset information from multiple sources and formats into one location. Staff are now able to access and manage asset data in a centralized user-friendly system.

Project Outcome

03. Asset Management Training

Emerson-Franklin staff attended asset management workshops in order to gain a solid understanding of asset management. Having a common understanding amongst the staff will help with asset management buy in implementation and management.

The Ongoing Journey

Centralized Database and Framework

Through implementing a centralized database and framework, Emerson-Franklin is now able to track asset management activity and use this data to make informed decisions on next steps.

Additionally, MuniSight developed a formal Asset Management Policy, Strategy, and Plan which enables Emerson-Franklin to forecast asset management priorities on current assets within the municipality.

Asset Management Readiness Scale

The Asset Management Readiness Scale is a tool that allows municipalities to assess their state of asset management capacity. Using this tool, we were able to assess the current state of Emerson-Franklin’s assets and what needed to be done to successfully practice effective asset management on a continual basis. The 5 competencies of the readiness scale form the practice of asset management; following this scale is key to a successful journey for Emerson-Franklin.


Mobile Asset Collector


Service Reviews
Direct Support


Asset Management Policy
Asset Management Strategy
Asset Management Plan


Centralized Asset Data
Performance Data Support
What Emerson-Franklin Says

MuniSight provided the Municipality of Emerson-Franklin with the tools and training needed to develop our Asset Management strategy to support Municipal objectives and to deliver value to the community through effective management of existing and new infrastructure assets.

Our Asset Management tools and strategy are now in place to enable the Municipality to take next steps in the Asset Management journey. The support and training received from MuniSight has provided community leaders and staff members the knowledge and training to implement the Asset Management program to enable the Municipality to make data driven decisions about repairing, maintaining, and replacing community infrastructure.

Tracey FrenchChief Administrative Officer

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