Asset Management Services

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Asset Management Reporting

Our asset management services provide specialists to work with your municipality to help you build and maintain a strong foundation for proactive planning. Services include development of customized:

  • Policy
  • Strategy
  • Plans
  • Roadmaps

MuniSight will measure and monitor your municipality’s progress on a regular basis, ensuring you’re on the right path.

Asset Management Tools

MuniSight offers a unique set of tools tailored to small-urban and rural municipalities. Our tools help you identify where your assets are located and gather insights for data driven decision making. Collect and compile information on all of your assets in a centralized database that can be accessed in both the office and field. Our tools allow you to:

  • Centralize asset data
  • Track asset condition
  • Capture levels of service
  • Log work orders and citizen requests
  • Conduct risk assessments
  • Collect and edit information in the field

Asset Management Workshops

Continuous learning is crucial for sustainable asset management planning. MuniSight provides ongoing training on principles and best practices to help your community achieve positive outcomes including:

  • Defined training objectives
  • Customized workshops tailored to your municipality
  • Quarterly/annual reviews
  • Access to MuniSight Academy

MuniSight and the FCM work together as corporate partners. As we continue to expand services to communities across Canada, MuniSight looks to follow the highest standards. The partnership showcases our efforts to provide the most current, efficient, and innovative asset management practices.


Eliminate information silos with WebMap. Our GIS-based solution simplifies municipal data, allowing you to stop running around looking for information.

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Build a solid foundation for asset management. AMP helps you assess, plan, and implement – when you start simple, it makes planning easy.

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Take your infestation management in the field. Optimize agriculture field personnel workflows by managing inspections & infestations, easily.

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MuniSight Planner is your digital platform to handle your municipality’s permits. No more permits scattered across multiple systems and folders.

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