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Did You Know? Cemetery Management

Problem: Municipalities have a significant amount of data they need to record including information on municipal managed and…
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Did You Know? “Utilizing Your Urban Engineering Data”

Problem: Many small urban municipalities spend a lot of money on engineering data that sits unused.…
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Did You Know? Work Orders & Service Requests

Problem: When managing work orders, most municipalities use pen and paper or have a system that’s…

Supporting our community

At MuniSight, doing good and contributing to our community is core to what we stand…

Announcing MuniSight AMP V2

MuniSight is extremely excited to launch Version 2 of our AMP solution. What does this include? 1)…

Citizen Reporting Tool

MuniSight’s citizen reporting tool allows municipalities to easily empower rate-payers to submit service requests and…
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MuniSight now supports QGIS
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Did You Know? Bylaw Complaints Management
Janelle Khan-Nielsen
Janelle Khan-Nielsen: Mid Season Update
Launching MuniSight Mobile
MuniSight AG: Creating a weed inspection
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May 1, 2020

Did You Know? Graveling

Did you know that MuniSight WebMap is a great tool to track your municipality's graveling program? Problem: Municipalities have traditionally tracked graveling through paper maps and spreadsheets. This method could…
May 1, 2020

Municipal Innovation Award 2020

2020 applications for the Municipal Innovation Award are now open! MuniSight is the proud sponsor of the Municipal Innovation Award, which is awarded to a municipality or municipal government administration that has…
April 3, 2020

Quick Tips for Working from Home