Quick Tips for Working from Home


Plan your day

Just as you would if you're in the office, it is important to keep your day organized and plan. Having a schedule will keep you productive and help you from watching YouTube or checking Facebook!

Optimize your work space

Make sure you have the tools and equipment you need to keep focused. By optimizing your workspace and finding a dedicated spot, you will be able to check in to get things done and check out when the days over.

Make sure to take breaks

Get out and go for a walk around your living space, outside (keep within social distancing recommendations), and try to stay active. Having a healthy snack will also keep your brain and body happy!

Communicate with your team

Get the webcam and microphone out and keep in touch with your team! By still maintaining communication with co-workers you will be able to get some social time in and hold each other accountable.

Set rules

Having allotted working hours, goals for work to be completed, and making sure family isn't interrupting work will help you keep focused and stay on top of your to do list.

Expand your knowledge

Right now lots of educational content and resources are free or at a big discount. Take advantage of the time at home to expand your knowledge and learn. Taking some courses may be beneficial for you and your career.