Case Study

How The M.D. of Spirit River Extended The Lifetime of their Rural Road Study

The M.D. is now able to continuously manage their rural roads year over year utilizing municipal staff.

Stay on top of road maintenance and continuously manage roads with a self-managed rural roads study. With MuniSight’s help, this allows municipalities to:

  • Extend road lifetime
  • Prioritize road maintenance
  • Stay up-to-date on road conditions
  • Visualize and edit road conditions in MuniSight
  • Integrate existing or previous studies

In 2019, MuniSight worked with the M.D. of Spirit River and Select Engineering on a self managed rural roads study. This unique project focused on the development and standardization of procedures to complete an rural road inspection, allowing M.D. staff to complete road assessments and various condition reports.

Once the rural roads study was complete, Select Engineering had provided the M.D. staff with the appropriate skills to complete future road inspections. Utilizing WebMap, MuniSight then ensured all inspection data was easily available to municipal staff in the office and in the field. Going forward, the M.D. of Spirit River staff were equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools to now complete future road inspections using MuniSight’s tools. This allowed for the MD to extend the lifetime value of their study as staff could easily conduct assessments in the field.

Interested in a Self Managed Rural Roads Study?