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Did You Know? Emergency Response Mapping

Emergency Response Mapping

Problem: With emergency services, timing is everything. Many municipalities do not have critical response times or asset map books for their emergency services departments.

Solution: It is crucial for municipalities to identify hazards and create response plans that reduce the risk for their municipality and first responders. MuniSight WebMap can mobilize your GIS data to enable staff to work on community risk reduction. MuniSight can analyze your emergency services response times to ensure they meet your communities level of service. Additionally, MuniSight can provide emergency services with a map book that can be utilized in the field. This provides emergency services with key asset information that may be needed during a crisis.

Impact: Utilizing emergency response mapping will ensure that municipalities will be able to minimize gaps in their response times, mitigate risk for emergency services, equip first responders with accurate asset information on the scene, and help increase the level of service provided to rate-payers.

Interested in having MuniSight help your municipality utilize your data for emergency situations? 

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    Did You Know? Snow Plow Routes

    Problem: Municipalities have traditionally tracked plowing through paper maps, spreadsheets, and internal memory. After a snow storm, one of the first questions on residents minds are “when is my street being plowed?”. This often results in the office being overwhelmed with phone calls and complaints.

    Solution: MuniSight WebMap allows municipalities to easily display snow plow priority routes in a central location. Municipal staff can easily generate maps from MuniSight and display them on social media or their website with the plowing date and priority.

    Impact: With improved public access to snow plow routes, residents are better satisfied with municipal communication; therefore, staff now deal with less complaints and calls. This also eliminates the need to use paper maps, spreadsheets, and internal memory.

     The Town of Edson has been using MuniSight to notify residents of snow removal routes and progress via their social media.

    “It’s been a great tool allowing us to easily communicate with our public the different routes and zones for our snow removal process, keeping them up to date on our progress and where our equipment will be operating.” – Steve Bethge, Communications Coordinator at Town of Edson.

    Contact MuniSight Support if you would like to improve coordination and communication around snow plow routes.

    Did You Know? Work Orders & Service Requests

    Problem: When managing work orders, most municipalities use pen and paper or have a system that’s too complex to implement and far exceeds their needs. These options often lack integration with municipal tax, financial, or GIS systems, creating further silos between municipal departments.

    Solution: We’ve built an easy to implement, easy to train, and easy to use solution that has all information in one place for your work order process. It integrates with your Asset Management Planning module, aligning with your asset management policies and procedures, and utilizes the data that the you have collected in your GIS.

    This system allows you to move to a technology-based solution. It’s made with rural municipalities and small urban communities in mind and is focused on the essentials. It’s easy to maintain, yet it does everything a rural municipality or small urban community needs such as costing codes. The simplicity and user-friendly interface make for an easy transition from current processes.

    All work orders will now be centralized and integrated with MuniSight, eliminating the chance of lost information and silos between departments.

    Impact: You can now track, budget, and create maintenance reports on your assets without starting from scratch.  This helps you with your day to day operations, while providing outlook on long term capital planning without difficulty.

    Contact MuniSight Support if you would like to start managing your work orders & service requests in MuniSight today!

    Did You Know? Cemetery Management

    Problem: Municipalities have a significant amount of data they need to record including information on municipal managed and owned cemeteries. Often times, municipalities do not have a formalized system to track this information which can potentially lead to the loss of valuable information. In other cases, some municipalities may purchase expensive software solely dedicated to managing cemeteries.

    Solution: MuniSight WebMap and Mobile allows municipal workers to log, track, and edit cemetery information including burial plots and columbariums in the office or in the field. Cemetery data will now be centralized, ensuring that this information will be up-to-date and accurate for years to come.

    Impact: WebMap standardizes municipal staff workflows by enabling them to manage reservations, burials, and plots for sale while saving costs by eliminating the need for expensive software solutions. Furthermore, municipal residents can now easily view the plots that are available for sale and search for where their loved ones are buried.

    Contact MuniSight Support if you would like to start managing your cemeteries in your municipality.

    Did You Know? Bylaw Complaints Management

    Problem: Municipalities receive various bylaw complaints often times without a formalized system to record and track these requests. Consequently, these complaints go unresolved due to a lack of integration between Municipal department systems. This can result in citizen displeasure causing frustration among residents, additional work for administrative staff, and a safety issue within the Municipality.

    Solution: MuniSight WebMap and Mobile allows Bylaw Officers to record complaints based on the parcel of land or geographic location making it easy to find, track, and resolve any issues. While doing this, WebMap can create ‘hotspots’ for complaints within the Municipality, allowing you to allocate your bylaw resources more effectively.

    Impact: Bylaw Officers and authorized staff can now view and search bylaw complaints easier and more efficiently. This saves staff time, improves ratepayer satisfaction, and ensures safety among Municipal residents.

    Contact MuniSight Support if you would like to start managing the bylaw complaints in your Municipality.

    Did You Know? Boulevard Pruning

    Problem: Municipalities have an abundance of mature trees within their boundaries making tracking and maintenance of these assets very costly. Maintaining these trees can become overwhelming for small municipalities since they may not have up-to-date data on each one, creating a challenge to keep track of pruning records and maintenance requirements.

    Solution: MuniSight Webmap allows municipal workers to record the location of their trees, what kind of species they are, pruning, and maintenance records. Using the MuniSight mobile app, workers can complete maintenance reports in the field and even attach pictures of each one.

    Impact: This allows public works workers to search which trees need to be pruned, where they are, and when they were last tended to. Paper records will no longer be needed, enabling staff to find the data they need in just a couple of clicks.

    Contact MuniSight Support if you would like to start managing the boulevards in your municipality.

    Did You Know? “Utilizing Your Urban Engineering Data”


    Many small urban municipalities spend a lot of money on engineering data that sits unused. Recently, MuniSight found some creative ways to get more value out of the vast amounts of data that these municipalities had, but were not using.


    Several Albertan municipalities had untapped engineering data that they needed to use. The data included closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage of a sanitary manhole and various up-to-date photos of municipal assets. MuniSight imported the CCTV footage and attached it to asset information already housed within MuniSight. MuniSight also geotagged asset images and attached them to the appropriate assets in Webmap. The engineering information is now catalogued and attributed to each asset and can be viewed at any time.


    Now municipal workers from various departments can access the most recent asset information on demand, reducing silos and ensuring municipal agility.  This solution lets small urban municipalities get added benefit out of the engineering data that they already have, and unlocks more value for the money that they have already spent.

    Did you know MuniSight can help you make the most out of your costly engineering data?

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