Ebook: Choosing the Right Municipal Software

One of the most important long-term administrative decision processes that municipalities go through is large software purchases. Municipal governments use software for financial/payroll systems, human resources, record keeping, permit tracking, asset management, planning and development, emergency management, recreation planning, and more.

All too often, half-fixes and fancy software solutions that no one knows how to use have become the norm in government, but the costs in money, time, and political reputation simply aren’t worth taking the easy way out. The goal is to fix a problem, not to just buy software.

MuniSight has created a new Ebook that helps you through the process of buying new software for your municipal government.  The purpose of the Ebook is to give you the right questions to ask your team and your considered vendor(s) as you decide on the best solution to the problem your municipality faces. Download it today from our Resources page, or from the link below!

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