Municipal Innovation Award 2020

2020 applications for the Municipal Innovation Award are now open!

MuniSight is the proud sponsor of the Municipal Innovation Award, which is awarded to a municipality or municipal government administration that has successfully implemented an innovative project in the past year. The award winner will be granted a $2000.00 charitable donation from MuniSight, to a charity in the municipality’s jurisdiction.

Applications are open to the following municipalities that meet the following criteria:

  • Canadian municipal government
  • Population no greater than 20,000 (as per most recent census)
  • Project must be innovative in nature
  • Fully implemented no longer than 12 months
  • Create a positive impact within the community

The judges of this award define innovation as the following:

“A new method that yields a positive outcome, that could not
otherwise be achieved by using traditional methods”

Potential examples of innovative projects include, but are not limited to:

• Application of a new technology
• Using data, and analysis, to improve operational processes
• Application of a new process
• Application of a new methodology

Ranking Methodology

Innovation (40%)

  • Innovative nature of the project, as defined above

Impact (40%)

  • What is the projects magnitude of impact?
  • What is the projects scale of impact?
  • Could awarding this project convince other municipalities to consider making similar improvements?

Reproducible  (20%)

  • Can this be implemented in other municipalities?
  • Does this project provide a good template for administrations to learn from?

If you are interested in applying click here!

If your project is a finalist, we will reach out to you for a 30 minute interview to learn more about your project. The winner will be announced December 1, 2020.

To view the 2019 winning case study click here

To view the 2018 winning case study click here

Citizen Reporting Tool

MuniSight’s citizen reporting tool allows municipalities to easily empower rate-payers to submit service requests and notify municipal staff. A simple way to hear from your rate-payers.

The Citizen Reporting Tool seamlessly integrates with our current work order and service request work flow. In addition, the tool is easily able to be linked on your current municipal website.

Some of the key features of the Citizen Reporting Tool include:

– Track Public Requests

– Assign staff & file numbers

– Allows media attachments

– Sort, filter, search between internal & public requests

The Citizen Reporting Tool is a great way to let residents submit service requests, report non-emergencies, and submit infrastructure inquiries.

Contact MuniSight Support if you would like to use the Citizen Reporting Tool in MuniSight today!

FCM & MuniSight Corporate Partnership

MuniSight is proud to announce that it has become a Corporate Partner of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM). MuniSight looks forward to continuing to help small-urban and rural municipalities across Canada on asset management initiatives.

As we continue to expand services to communities across Canada, MuniSight looks to follow the highest standards. This partnership showcases our efforts to provide the most current, efficient, and innovative asset management practices.

The FCM introduced the Asset Management Readiness Scale to help set the standard for best practices across Canada. The scale helps assess and track progress of current asset management programs, as well as to identify opportunities to adopt new practices.

Contact MuniSight Support if you would like to know more about how MuniSight can help you with asset management.

Did You Know? Work Orders & Service Requests

Problem: When managing work orders, most municipalities use pen and paper or have a system that’s too complex to implement and far exceeds their needs. These options often lack integration with municipal tax, financial, or GIS systems, creating further silos between municipal departments.

Solution: We’ve built an easy to implement, easy to train, and easy to use solution that has all information in one place for your work order process. It integrates with your Asset Management Planning module, aligning with your asset management policies and procedures, and utilizes the data that the you have collected in your GIS.

This system allows you to move to a technology-based solution. It’s made with rural municipalities and small urban communities in mind and is focused on the essentials. It’s easy to maintain, yet it does everything a rural municipality or small urban community needs such as costing codes. The simplicity and user-friendly interface make for an easy transition from current processes.

All work orders will now be centralized and integrated with MuniSight, eliminating the chance of lost information and silos between departments.

Impact: You can now track, budget, and create maintenance reports on your assets without starting from scratch.  This helps you with your day to day operations, while providing outlook on long term capital planning without difficulty.

Contact MuniSight Support if you would like to start managing your work orders & service requests in MuniSight today!