Announcing MuniSight AMP V2

MuniSight is extremely excited to launch Version 2 of our AMP solution. What does this include?

1) Service Requests

2) Work Orders

3) Maintenance Reports

Requests and work orders are another piece of the asset management puzzle our AMP solution targets. Together, these help you keep track of all the requests that come your way, organize work that often falls through the cracks, places the right accountability on the teams responsible for the work, and allows your teams to accurately communicate when and where their work was done.

AMP Version 2 provides workflows for you to use in your day-to-day tasks in the office, or in the field. The workflow will be as follows:

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MuniSight AG-Mobile is here

AG-Mobile is a weed and pest infestation add-on housed within our MuniSight Mobile application that lets you collect field data and create inspection reports allowing you to manage infestations from wherever you are.

Simplify weed and pest inspections

Use your Android or iOS device to collect AG information in the field.

Built with AG Field Personnel in mind

Tailored for AG operations.

Create inspection reports easily

Dynamic and insightful reporting.

For details, visit

There are two main use cases for AG-Mobile: inspectors who are out in the field tracking infestations, and managers planning and coordinating infestation management from the office. See our new video demos for more information on each user.

AG-Mobile Inspector Demo

AG-Mobile Manager Demo

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MuniSight now supports QGIS

For over 15 years, MuniSight has been dedicated to providing our Municipal clients with the very best software and services. As part of that commitment, MuniSight has decided to start providing technical support for QGIS software.

QGIS is a powerful and technical GIS software that can be used to execute complex GIS tasks. The majority of municipalities (including our clients) would not require a program like this, as the program’s functionality exceeds what they would need. That said, a select few of our clients do want to push the envelope of GIS technology in their municipality, and we are excited to help them do so by supporting the QGIS product.

MuniSight’s commitment to QGIS does not change how we will support our Hexagon GeoMedia clients. For over 7 years, MuniSight has strived to provide the highest quality of GeoMedia support, and we plan on continuing to do so for a long time. Our commitment to QGIS simply gives our clients access to another GIS software, should they choose to pursue one.

We are excited to see the benefits that some of our clients will gain from using advanced GIS technology, like QGIS.

What is QGIS?

QGIS is an open source GIS application. The program can be used, free of charge, as a desktop GIS software. QGIS is a very technical GIS software program, that can be used to complete many tasks, including:

  • Bulk feature information updates;

  • Custom cartography; and

  • Custom data analysis and spatial queries, etc.

What is open source software?

In general, open source software is a type of software licensing agreement. It essentially grants users the right to develop, change, and distribute the software free of charge. It is important to note that not all open source software abides by the same licence agreement, so it is important to get familiar with the terms of any software of this nature.

Open source software is typically developed in a collaborative public manner. This means that anyone can contribute improvements by making changes to the source code. Open source softwares do follow release cycles, so any code that is added is checked before a release is dispatched.

Why is MuniSight supporting QGIS?

Some MuniSight clients have advanced needs that can be better addressed by using a technical GIS software (like Hexagon GeoMedia, QGIS, Esri, etc.).

For over 7 years, MuniSight has been supporting the Hexagon GeoMedia software. In order to give our clients access to more options, the decision was made to start supporting QGIS as well.

How can I access QGIS?

QGIS can be downloaded at the following website:

How can I access QGIS support?

The QGIS community provides a User Manual and Training Guide, for QGIS users. These guides are regularly updated as new software releases come out, and can be found here:

MuniSight can provide technical support for the QGIS product, including everything from installation to troubleshooting. Feel free to contact MuniSight Support with any questions that you may have.

For more information about QGIS:

QGIS website (

Launching MuniSight Mobile

MuniSight Mobile is now available for Apple and Android devices.  Our new app lets you take MuniSight with you “on the road”, allowing you to view MuniSight Webmap, audit municipal work being done, find and collect municipal assets, and more, all from your phone.

To Login:
Use your regular MuniSight login credentials, with your email as your username.

Help Material:
For training and help material on MuniSight Mobile, visit

Additional questions?
Contact MuniSight Support at

MuniSight Mobile prerequisites
In order to use MuniSight Mobile, your municipality must:
1. have an active subscription to Advanced Edition; and
2. have a hosted install of the Advanced Edition application.

Announcing a New Development Permit Reporting Tool!

MuniSight is excited to announce new reporting functionality within MuniSight Webmap for our clients who use our Planning and Development (MuniSight PD) add-on.

A whole new visualization tool for your permitting process.

Our new tool, found under the “reports” drop-down menu in MuniSight Webmap, allows municipalities to see overall metrics on their development permits. This report shows how many permits were in various stages of the permitting process filtered by year, how many permits have been completed this year, as well as the overall development permit dollar value per year.

See where typical permitting backlogs lie, as well as a new overview of your local economy.

This data gives municipalities another indicator for economic development and growth year-over-year and insights into where backlogs can occur in their permitting process. From these insights, municipal governments will be able to make more informed decisions on where to focus when optimizing their permitting process, as well as to think broadly about their local economy.

We are happy to release this new functionality and we are excited to hear your feedback on it!

For more information, or to learn how to get the most out of this new tool, reach out to our Customer Success Team!

Announcing MuniSight AMP

MuniSight AMP – Asset Management Planning made Simple

MuniSight’s Asset Management Planning (AMP) platform is a powerful tool that can help Municipalities extract the most value out of their existing assets. MuniSight AMP was built with municipalities in mind, and is tailored towards providing a simple and efficient solution to help municipalities manage their assets.

What is Asset Management Planning?

Asset Management Planning is the process of optimizing the usage of municipal assets, to support a Municipality in achieving its objectives and goals. The process involves evaluating assets based on level of service, relative condition, asset failure risk, and replacement cost. A properly run program involves all aspects of municipal operations including the training of personnel, the implementation of policies that consider the implications of Asset Management Planning, and the adoption of tools (such as software) to help a municipality organize their information. MuniSight AMP acts as a tool to help Municipalities manage their Asset Management information, while providing a best-in-class template on how to develop Asset Management Programs and integrating with existing MuniSight products.

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MuniSight AMP Features & Functionality

The Dashboard

The dashboard provides a snapshot view of the state of a Municipality’s Asset Management program. Here you can find the summary information that guides day-to-day operational, and year-to-year strategic decisions. The information shown in the Dashboard is driven by the data captured in a Municipality’s AMP system.

Asset Inventory

Get a good handle on what assets exist in your municipality by using MuniSight AMP’s Asset Inventory reports. These reports can be run easily, to help Municipal Administrators get a clear list of all of their assets.

Asset Detail

If you are looking for a high degree of detail, then the Asset Detail Pages are the right place to go. These pages list all of the most detailed information relating to a particular asset’s management. Navigate to this page by using AMP’s search functionality, or through the Asset Inventory reports.

Level of Service, Relative Condition, Asset Risk Failure, and Replacement Cost Assessments

Leverage MuniSight AMP’s templates and processes, for completing assessments on particular assets. MuniSight AMP also maintains smart modelling technology that can predict the replacement cost value of various assets.

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Explore your municipality’s gravelling and assessment data!

Is council looking for more information on your municipality’s gravelling programs? How much gravel has been laid in each electoral ward? Have the assessment values in your municipality seen increased or decreased values?

MuniSight is excited to introduce gravelling and assessment reports included with your MuniSight Advanced system.  The MuniSight reports tab will equip your management team with the data analysis tools needed to make more informed decisions. Our custom reporting features can be customized to your municipality’s needs or you can start with our template reports.

Gravelling reports included in our template are:

Assessment reports included in our template are:

Call for MuniSight Mobile Beta Testers!


MuniSight is excited to announce the launch of our Mobile Application. Now you will be able to enjoy your MuniSight Advanced system from your iOS and Android devices.

We are looking to our experienced MuniSight Users to provide beta testing that will give us crucial information on the MuniSight Mobile Application. If interested in becoming a MuniSight Beta Tester please sign up below and our Support Team will be in contact with you in the coming weeks!


MuniSight AG: Creating a weed inspection

MuniSight AG provides a digital process for collecting and reporting on weed infestations. The video below demonstrates how to create a new weed inspection in an existing case.

Learn how to

  • find an existing case

  • attach photos and files to an inspection

  • frame your snapshot

  • generate an infestation report

Want to jump to a specific part of the inspection?

00:00 – Find an existing case

01:20 – Update the Owner and Property Information

02:35 – Add weeds to a case

02:55 – Add a new inspection

04:05 – Add abundance for the weeds

05:05 – Edit the infestation polygon

06:15 – Attach photos and files to an inspection

07:10 – Update Next Action

07:45 – Preview the Inspection Report

Feel free to reach out to MuniSight Support for further assistance on collecting weed infestations with MuniSight AG.

Improving information security

At last week’s AUMA (Alberta Urban Municipalities Association) conference in Calgary, a session was hosted on the importance of cyber-security for municipal governments. At MuniSight, we are committed to keeping our customer’s information secure, and we are therefore continuously adding functionality to help keep information safe.

We are happy to announce that MuniSight: Advanced Edition has upgraded it’s user profile security. In our new version, each user will be required to create their own user profile, along with a password that meets a minimum standard of complexity rules. User’s will be prompted to create this new profile when logging in for the first time to MuniSight.

Our Support team is here to answer any questions that you may have about our commitment to information security, so feel free to reach out if you would like to discuss.