Are you prepared for Alberta’s Municipal elections?

Planning for the upcoming fall 2017 Municipal Elections has commenced here in Alberta, are your ratepayers informed? September is a busy time for everyone involved, get ahead of the game by incorporating MuniSight into your municipality’s electoral strategy.

Our cost effective polling maps can be displayed both digitally on your website and in hard copy on election day, reaching all your constituents. Organizing polling stations with our large vibrant maps that can be viewed from a distance will help to get voters to the correct locations.

Presenting your candidates by location has never been easier, customize your MuniSight ES desktop display by adding your “Divisions Layer.” This dashboard can include polling station locations and electoral boundaries to present on your website’s public map. Adding these layers along with a customized “Elections Tab”in the parcel information window will provide access to your important election information with just one click!

Death and Taxes – MuniSight has you covered!

It has often been said that in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. With this fact in mind, MuniSight has built a cemetery module that can be paired with integration to your Tax Systems!

One of the first and most well-known integrations in MuniSight ES is with our client’s tax systems, but did you know we also have a Cemetery Module?  This module allows selected users to maintain burial information, including reservations and occupancy right in ES.

We can bring in existing plot locations or, depending on the current format of the information, help with the digitizing of the plots.  Once the plots have been created, burial attributes can be added and customized to suit your needs. Also, pictures (i.e. Headstones) can be linked to the plot.

Our Cemetery search currently allows users to search by Burial Name, Burial Year & Cemetery Legal, allowing users to quickly access information.

Are you already using Bellamy or Diamond’s Cemetery module?  No problem, integration has already been created to bring the information into MuniSight ES.  Just give us a call and we will set it up for you.

Contact our all-star support team to learn more!

Impress your rate-payers with a Public Site!

Sometimes it is OK to show off your Municipality! MuniSight ES’s Public Portal allows you to give public access to your rate-payers, and anyone else who may be interested in learning about your Municipality!

In this age of information people expect to access information quickly, easily and at any time of day.  Public MuniSight ES Sites allow our client partners to provide selected information securely to public users.  All information included is at the discretion of the individual client.  Most choose to include information such as Assessment, Zoning, Development Permits, Air Photos, etc.  Allowing the public to access this data via ES not only frees up front desk staff, but allows people to access the information outside of business hours.

The demand for this information is high.  Many of our clients are seeing public usage of their sites at over 50%.  Ratepayers, Realtors, Lawyers, Developers are all eager to have access to this information available to them.