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Did You Know? Bylaw Complaints Management

By August 1, 2019March 30th, 2020No Comments

Problem: Municipalities receive various bylaw complaints often times without a formalized system to record and track these requests. Consequently, these complaints go unresolved due to a lack of integration between Municipal department systems. This can result in citizen displeasure causing frustration among residents, additional work for administrative staff, and a safety issue within the Municipality.

Solution: MuniSight WebMap and Mobile allows Bylaw Officers to record complaints based on the parcel of land or geographic location making it easy to find, track, and resolve any issues. While doing this, WebMap can create ‘hotspots’ for complaints within the Municipality, allowing you to allocate your bylaw resources more effectively.

Impact: Bylaw Officers and authorized staff can now view and search bylaw complaints easier and more efficiently. This saves staff time, improves ratepayer satisfaction, and ensures safety among Municipal residents.

Contact MuniSight Support if you would like to start managing the bylaw complaints in your Municipality.