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Did You Know? Emergency Response Mapping

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Emergency Response Mapping

Problem: With emergency services, timing is everything. Many municipalities do not have critical response times or asset map books for their emergency services departments.

Solution: It is crucial for municipalities to identify hazards and create response plans that reduce the risk for their municipality and first responders. MuniSight WebMap can mobilize your GIS data to enable staff to work on community risk reduction. MuniSight can analyze your emergency services response times to ensure they meet your communities level of service. Additionally, MuniSight can provide emergency services with a map book that can be utilized in the field. This provides emergency services with key asset information that may be needed during a crisis.

Impact: Utilizing emergency response mapping will ensure that municipalities will be able to minimize gaps in their response times, mitigate risk for emergency services, equip first responders with accurate asset information on the scene, and help increase the level of service provided to rate-payers.

Interested in having MuniSight help your municipality utilize your data for emergency situations? 

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