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Did You Know? Graveling

By May 1, 2020May 4th, 2020No Comments

Did you know that MuniSight WebMap is a great tool to track your municipality’s graveling program?

Problem: Municipalities have traditionally tracked graveling through paper maps and spreadsheets. This method could take staff hours of work to properly sort, track, and report on the status of graveling projects.

Solution: MuniSight WebMap allows municipalities to easily track and manage graveling. Municipalities can sort graveling by year and display the data on WebMap. Additionally, they can go into a specific year and show proposed, in progress, and completed graveling projects.

Impact: With an improved and more efficient way to track graveling, municipalities are able to generate reports for council quicker, see multiple years of graveling, and efficiently update data in the field using the MuniSight app. If you use contractors to do your graveling, you are able to hold them more accountable. Many of the municipalities we work with have utilized WebMap for their graveling programs, leading to higher citizen satisfaction through improved tracking and reporting.