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Did You Know? Snow Plow Routes

By March 9, 2020August 27th, 2020No Comments

Problem: Municipalities have traditionally tracked plowing through paper maps, spreadsheets, and internal memory. After a snow storm, one of the first questions on residents minds are “when is my street being plowed?”. This often results in the office being overwhelmed with phone calls and complaints.

Solution: MuniSight WebMap allows municipalities to easily display snow plow priority routes in a central location. Municipal staff can easily generate maps from MuniSight and display them on social media or their website with the plowing date and priority.

Impact: With improved public access to snow plow routes, residents are better satisfied with municipal communication; therefore, staff now deal with less complaints and calls. This also eliminates the need to use paper maps, spreadsheets, and internal memory.

 The Town of Edson has been using MuniSight to notify residents of snow removal routes and progress via their social media.

“It’s been a great tool allowing us to easily communicate with our public the different routes and zones for our snow removal process, keeping them up to date on our progress and where our equipment will be operating.” – Steve Bethge, Communications Coordinator at Town of Edson.

Contact MuniSight Support if you would like to improve coordination and communication around snow plow routes.