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Did You Know? “Utilizing Your Urban Engineering Data”

By April 30, 2019April 1st, 2020No Comments


Many small urban municipalities spend a lot of money on engineering data that sits unused. Recently, MuniSight found some creative ways to get more value out of the vast amounts of data that these municipalities had, but were not using.


Several Albertan municipalities had untapped engineering data that they needed to use. The data included closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage of a sanitary manhole and various up-to-date photos of municipal assets. MuniSight imported the CCTV footage and attached it to asset information already housed within MuniSight. MuniSight also geotagged asset images and attached them to the appropriate assets in Webmap. The engineering information is now catalogued and attributed to each asset and can be viewed at any time.


Now municipal workers from various departments can access the most recent asset information on demand, reducing silos and ensuring municipal agility.  This solution lets small urban municipalities get added benefit out of the engineering data that they already have, and unlocks more value for the money that they have already spent.

Did you know MuniSight can help you make the most out of your costly engineering data?

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