Janelle Khan-Nielsen

Janelle Khan-Nielsen: Mid Season Update

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Photo Credits: Lascelles Brown

MuniSight is proud to support the development of athletics in our community by sponsoring Janelle Khan-Nielsen, a skeleton athlete originally from Sherwood Park, Alberta.

Janelle is competing for a place to represent Team Canada at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Bejing. Janelle currently lives and trains in Calgary while working as a healthcare professional.

We are excited to release Janelle’s latest training and development update!

Read her Mid Season update here.

One of the most adrenaline-packed sports in the Olympics, Skeleton involves a running start with the skeleton sled, called a “push”, and jumping onto the sled head-first, and face down, to begin the quick descent to the bottom of a winding ice-track. Skeleton athletes can reach speeds of over 140 km/h with their heads mere centimetres from the ice.1

MuniSight is excited to follow Janelle’s progress to her Olympic dream, and we invite you to join us in cheering for her!

1 For more on Skeleton, visit: https://www.ibsf.org/en/our-sports/skeleton-info-graphics.