Municipal Innovation Award

Municipal Innovation Award 2019 – Applications Now Open.

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Applications for the 2019 Municipal Innovation Award are now open.  This award recognizes a Municipal Government Administration that has successfully implemented an innovative project which has made a positive impact on their community. For more details, see below.


Applications to the Municipal Innovation Award must pertain directly to an innovative project that has been recently implemented by the Municipality. Specifically, the project must have been:

  • innovative in nature; and

  • fully implemented no longer than 12 months prior to the Application Date.


To apply the municipality must have the following attributes:

  • Canadian municipal government; and

  • Population no greater than 20,000 (as per most recent census).


The Award is granted each year along with a $2,000 charitable donation from MuniSight to a charity within the winner’s jurisdiction.

Full guidelines for the Municipal Innovation Award can be found here.

Last year’s winner…

In 2014 Tumbler Ridge lost its major industry and faced being shut down by British Columbia. In 2017, they had grown tourism by 700% and had shifted their economic dependence from coal.

Read Tumbler Ridge’s story here.

MuniSight is proud to support innovation in local government and as such is excited to sponsor and administer the Municipal Innovation Award. The winner of this year’s award will be announced at the 2019 Municipal Innovation Forum.

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