MuniSight: Advanced Edition!

By September 6, 2017March 30th, 2020No Comments

Since the transition to MuniSight, we have been working hard on new products to help our clients, make your municipal information more simple and connected in ways that allow you to add more value for your rate-payers.

It is for this reason that we are excited to announce new software, simply called MuniSight.

This new software essentially replaces MuniSight ES v2.6, while adding new capabilities. We listened to, and acted on, a lot of feedback that we have received over the last three months, and we are excited to release a product that delivers more value to our customers.

With our release date rapidly approaching, we will be sharing videos and blogs that give further detail into what the exact changes look like. Be sure to stay tuned to our Newsletter for updates!

Our team at MuniSight is very much looking forward to releasing the next stage of our software!