MuniSight AG: Creating a weed inspection

By June 6, 2018April 1st, 2020No Comments

MuniSight AG provides a digital process for collecting and reporting on weed infestations. The video below demonstrates how to create a new weed inspection in an existing case.

Learn how to

  • find an existing case

  • attach photos and files to an inspection

  • frame your snapshot

  • generate an infestation report

Want to jump to a specific part of the inspection?

00:00 – Find an existing case

01:20 – Update the Owner and Property Information

02:35 – Add weeds to a case

02:55 – Add a new inspection

04:05 – Add abundance for the weeds

05:05 – Edit the infestation polygon

06:15 – Attach photos and files to an inspection

07:10 – Update Next Action

07:45 – Preview the Inspection Report

Feel free to reach out to MuniSight Support for further assistance on collecting weed infestations with MuniSight AG.