MuniSight AG-Mobile is here

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AG-Mobile is a weed and pest infestation add-on housed within our MuniSight Mobile application that lets you collect field data and create inspection reports allowing you to manage infestations from wherever you are.

Simplify weed and pest inspections

Use your Android or iOS device to collect AG information in the field.

Built with AG Field Personnel in mind

Tailored for AG operations.

Create inspection reports easily

Dynamic and insightful reporting.

For details, visit https://www.munisight.com/ag-mobile.

There are two main use cases for AG-Mobile: inspectors who are out in the field tracking infestations, and managers planning and coordinating infestation management from the office. See our new video demos for more information on each user.

AG-Mobile Inspector Demo

AG-Mobile Manager Demo

Contact support@munisight.com to get started today.