MuniSight AVL Integration

Vehicle Tracking for Municipalities

Purpose-Built Tracking Solution

MuniSight AVL is an integrated solution to help municipalities accurately and efficiently dispatch and track their vehicles utilizing MuniSight WebMap. Manage your entire public works or emergency vehicles in one centralized location.

Since rural municipalities typically have their local road network mapped in little detail on most platforms, municipalities rely on local knowledge and rough direction when heading out to an emergency. MuniSight AVL can assist dispatchers with the most up-to-date directions and route faster using more direct routes.

Locate & Track

View & track where vehicles are in your municipality in real time to monitor contractors and employees.

Emergency Dispatch

Dispatch can utilize WebMap to route emergency vehicles using up-to-date road data.

Improve Operations

Have all assets in one centralized location and gain visibility into your municipal operations.


MuniSight AVL utilizes TitanGPS technology to track your fleet in WebMap.

Track & Manage In One Centralized System


Sort & track a variety of vehicles and vehicle types.


Click on each vehicle and view its exact coordinates, speed, odometer reading and more!


The map pulls information directly from TitanGPS to your MuniSight WebMap.

MuniSight and TitanGPS work together in collaboration . As we continue to expand services to communities across Canada, MuniSight looks to connect and simplify municipal information. The partnership showcases our efforts to provide municipalities with an efficient way to monitor their mobile assets.

Experienced Support: Hit The Ground Running

MuniSight provides onboarding by experienced municipal experts. We provide each client with a dedicated pod of technicians who can help execute tasks, including:

  • Utilization reports
  • Vehicle tracking reports
  • AVL customization & configuration


Eliminate information silos with MuniSight WebMap. WebMap allows you to stop running around looking for information. Find it all in one centralized location.

View WebMap


Start simple and build a solid foundation for asset management. AMP takes the complexity out of asset management. When you start simple, it makes planning easy.

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Take infestation management in the field. AG-Mobile gives your municipality the tools and processes to do more with less. Built with agriculture field personnel in mind.

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Book MuniSight AVL Demo

We provide a simple way to track and dispatch vehicles. Demos typically take 20-30 minutes and are done online with our customer success team.

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