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MuniSight sponsors the Municipal Innovation Award

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MuniSight is excited announce sponsorship of the Municipal Innovation Award!

Each year, this award will be given to Municipal Administrations that have successfully implemented an innovative project that has made a positive impact in their community. Candidates for the award are not limited to MuniSight customers, and the award is open to any Canadian Municipality with a population less than 20,000 people. Award winners will also be awarded a $2,000 donation to a charity in their local jurisdiction, on behalf of MuniSight.

After visiting with, and learning from, our customers over the last year, I have become impressed with the work that our client have been doing as small municipal governments. It is for this reason, that MuniSight has decided to sponsor the Municipal Innovation Award. I can see the positive work that Canadian municipalities are doing on a first-hand basis, and I think that it is MuniSight’s responsibility to highlight and celebrate these achievements, in order to foster a community of municipal administrators that support new innovative projects.

Applications for the award will open on MuniSight’s 1-year anniversary – May 1, 2018. As the lead sponsor, MuniSight has committed to support this Award for a minimum of 3 years. Each year 1-3 winners will be announced.

MuniSight hopes that this Award can support and foster continuous innovation in the small/rural municipal community. After all, we are all interested in helping build better municipalities.


Quinten Griffiths, President

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