MuniSight welcomes Manitoban municipal governments!

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MuniSight is excited to welcome several Manitoban municipalities to it’s community of municipal governments.

About Manitoba’s Municipal Governments

Manitoba currently has 37 urban municipalities, 98 rural municipalities, and 2 local government districts for a total of 137 municipal governments. Urban municipalities are identified as Cities, Towns, and Villages, while rural municipalities are identified quite simply as a Rural Municipality. This structure was mostly derived because of the Municipal Act of 1995. Prior to this structure, Manitoba operated with 197 municipal governments before an amalgamation took place, mostly in 1997, to consolidate smaller municipalities together. In 2015, Manitoba went through a similar exercise, where many municipal governments combined together once again.

Manitoba’s population is mostly centered in Cities (66%), followed by Rural Municipalities (24%), Towns (4.5%), and Villages (0.5%). Rural Municipalities occupy the most land area by far, with a cumulative share of 24% of the Province’s total land area, and have an average population of 3,050 inhabitants.

Once again, MuniSight would like to welcome those Manitoban municipalities who have joined our community, and we look forward to continuing our work in the Province.



Note: Census data was obtained from Statistics Canada.