Our Purpose: Connecting and simplifying municipal information.

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It has only been three months since our Company’s transition to MuniSight, but our team is already more excited than ever about the new potential that came along with the change.

MuniSight’s purpose is to connect and simplify municipal information. After consulting with customers, and our own team, this is the new purpose that we want MuniSight to embody.

We believe that when we connect and simplify your municipal information, we empower you to gain insights from your information, and allow you to make decisions that deliver more value to your rate-payers.

With a new purpose statement, comes a refreshed set of values. As a Company, we belive that it is important for us to share these values with our clients, so that you know what we stand for.

Respect – we maintain a high level of regard for the needs, wishes, and health of our clients, our community, and our team.

Integrity – we are guided by a clear sense of purpose that allows us to stand by our actions that have quality and authenticity.

Innovation – we strive to makes the lives of our clients simpler by being creative and agile.

At MuniSight, we have a purpose statement that defines why we exist, and values that guide our behaviours to enable us to deliver value to our clients on a daily basis.

We are excited about our refreshed focus, and we are looking forward to rolling out new, and improved, solutions (hint: shortly!) that will help you connect and simplify your municipal information!



Quinten Griffiths

President | MuniSight