MuniSight Planner

All-in-One Permitting Solution

Consolidate Your Processes

MuniSight Planner is your digital platform to handle your municipality‚Äôs permits. No more permits scattered across multiple systems and folders. Easily process permits, find what you’re working on, and what comes next.

  • Permit Document Management
  • Access to rate-payer information
  • Searchable – We mean everything
Custom Workflows

Ability to customize workflows tailored to your municipality.

Streamline & Improve

Central workspace, document repository, permit checklist, and incorporate third parties into your process

Public Portal

Reduce data entry time by letting your ratepayers start the permitting process online with a public portal.


Integrate with core tools including local tax systems, and MuniSight WebMap.

Automate & Digitized

Track and search, configurable letters, validation rules to ensure consistent and correct information.

Picture of MuniSight Planner Software

Automate & Digitize Your Permitting Process

MuniSight Planner allows you to automate and digitize your current permitting process. Have all your information in one centralized program and reduce the number of silos in your day-to-day workflow.

  • Digitize your team’s current workflow
  • Create custom workflows to process your permits
  • Incorporate 3rd party inspectors into your permitting process
  • Automate communications, generation of documents (such as adjacent landowner letters and permits), and much more.

Visualize & Create Maps For How You Work

MuniSight Planner Map
Custom Maps

Visualize your municipality’s permits on a mapping system


Filter & sort to create custom maps


The map pulls information directly from your tax system and OpenStreetMaps.


Quickly find what you’re looking for.

Experienced Support: Hit The Ground Running

MuniSight provides onboarding by experienced municipal experts. Designed by planners for planners. We provide each client with a dedicated pod of technicians who can help execute tasks, including:

  • Automating administrative tasks
  • Integrating forms and documents
  • Consolidate and digitize workflows
MuniSight Planner


Eliminate information silos with MuniSight WebMap. WebMap allows you to stop running around looking for information. Find it all in one centralized location.

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Book MuniSight Planner Demo

We provide a simple way to improve your current permitting processes. Demos typically take 20-30 minutes and are done virtually with our customer success team.