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MuniSight helps Rural Municipalities connect and simplify their municipal information into one centralized database. MuniSight’s unique solutions and services can help Rural Municipalities operate efficiently and smoothly with the following:


AG-Mobile is a tool that allows your agricultural department to manage infestations, easily. Take our mobile tool into the field to track and manage weed and pests. Stay on top of tasks and easily accomplish legislative requirements with AG-Mobile’s weed and pest manager.

  • Manage your municipalities weed and pest infestations on a digital map
  • Eliminate manual notice writing! Automatically generate weed notices
  • Integrated with your local tax system to eliminate guess work on locating land parcel boundaries
  • View and collect information on your mobile device or tablet
  • Work offline in the field in areas with poor cellular service
  • WebMap to visualize infestations and spraying
  • Digital data management
  • Year-over-year reporting and visualize data for council and ratepayers


Make stronger data-informed decisions within your finance department. MuniSight helps finance departments see important information on your municipalities assets and helps them build a stronger foundation for asset management.

  • Comprehensive reporting dashboard
  • Prioritize funding using our asset replacement cost tool
  • Visualize gaps in levels of service using WebMap
  • Generated asset risk scores
  • Centralized Asset Database
  • Develop annual plans using MuniSight data
  • Visual reporting for council & ratepayers
  • Core integrations with your local tax system, assessment, utility, and more

Public Works

Asset Management, GIS, Work Orders, Vehicle Tracking, and much more. MuniSight provides a one-stop-shop for your public works department. Managers are able to gain more insight into their department!

  • Web-based GIS
  • Integrated work order and maintenance reports
  • Mobile App for updating information in the field
  • View all municipal assets – road, water, sewer, etc
  • Centralized Asset Database for proactive asset management
  • Catalogue and attribute engineering data
  • Add CCTV data
  • Utilize engineering data


MuniSight Planner provides Planning Departments with a digital platform to handle your municipality’s permits. No more permits scattered across multiple systems and folders. Easily process permits, find what you’re working on, and what comes next. MuniSight WebMap also includes a variety of tools that simplify day-to-day workflows.

  • Central workspace and document repository
  • Custom workflows tailored to your municipalities permit processes
  • Integrated with your local tax system to pull over core information
  • Automate communications and generation of documents (such as adjacent landowner letters)
  • Visually see permits on your municipalities digital map
  • Create custom reports and tables for council and management
  • Smart searches for development permits, proposed subdivisions, and spot amendments
  • Incorporate 3rd parties and create custom checklists to streamline and improve your permit workflows

Why Rural Municipalities Choose Us?


Ratepayers often hold municipalities accountable for how their tax dollars are being spent. MuniSight helps municipalities be more transparent by allowing ratepayers to find municipal information easily through our public portal.


Municipalities can quickly and easily generate multiple reports. Leverage your data to create meaningful reports to guide data driven decision making.

Fee Free 20

Any service request that takes less than 20 minutes to resolve will be free – known as the Fee Free 20 Professional Services Policy.

Data Security

All municipal data is secured and stored in Canada. If you have any questions on data security, contact us.

Hear what other Rural Municipalities are saying about MuniSight

It brings joy to my heart whenever I see coworkers from various departments using MuniSight GIS to help deliver awesome municipal services!

Keith SmitsTown of Westlock

MuniSight Product Suite


Eliminate information silos with WebMap. Our GIS-based solution simplifies municipal data, allowing you to stop running around looking for information.

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Build a solid foundation for asset management. AMP helps you assess, plan, and implement – when you start simple, it makes planning easy.

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Take your infestation management in the field. Optimize agriculture field personnel workflows by managing inspections & infestations, easily.

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MuniSight Planner is your digital platform to handle your municipality’s permits. No more permits scattered across multiple systems and folders.

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