Rural municipality utilizing graveling in day-to-day operations.

Centralize your graveling program into MuniSight WebMap.

Planning & Development

Gravel Road Management


Rural Municipality was not able to reliably track the
status of if or when they graveled or bladed certain sections of gravel roadway.

  • MuniSight enabled the RM to track their gravel road maintenance program on WebMap
  • Since this allowed them to analyze data on their gravel rates and costs, cost savings associated with contractor management was a result
  • Rural Municipality now maintains a reliable record of gravel
    road maintenance activities that can be audited.
  • Each year the RM spends $2.2M on transportation services.
    With MuniSight’s help, the RM is able to measure and optimize
    their gravel road maintenance program to get the most value
    out of their money spent.

Why Rural Municipalities Choose Us?


Rate payers often hold municipalities accountable for how their tax dollars are being spent. MuniSight helps municipalities be more transparent by allowing rate payers to find municipal information easily through our public portal.


Municipalities can quickly and easily generate multiple reports. Leverage your data to create meaningful reports to guide data driven decision making.

Fee Free 20

Any service request that takes less than 20 minutes to resolve will be free - known as the Fee Free 20 Professional Services Policy.

Data Security

All municipal data is secured and stored in Canada.