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Land Use: To farm, or not to Farm – that is the question!

Understanding soil quality, so that you can best plan the locations of future developments, is key to optimally growing your taxable base. MuniSight has the technology to help you better understand where to build, and where to preserve the best farmland!

The map below highlights optimal farming conditions, based on using Digitized Farmland Polygons, the Canadian Land Inventory (CLI) information, and assessment classifications, with the darker green signifying the better areas for farming.

Using queries, we can identify parcels based on certain land rating criteria that match the guidelines, or targets, that the municipality has set.  The advantage of using a GIS software to query this information is that you are able to make changes to the criteria and immediately see the resulting information.   Below show the results of three different criteria.  In these examples the client wanted to identify parcels with a certain percentage of “good” farmland.  The soil productivity calculation was based on the assessment information.

 In this example it was decided that Criteria 1 best identified the farmland that should remain agriculture.  Our client then compared this information with current development in the area and were able to put forth a recommendation to council for land use changes that best suited the ratepayers and the land.  The parcels highlighted in orange were recommended to change from Agriculture to Limited Development (i.e. Residential).

If you are interested in learning how we can help you with your future land use, please contact our Support Team!