Utilizing Urban Engineering Data

Get the most out of the current data you have

Public Works

Engineering Data


Many small urbans have costly engineering data that
sits unused. MuniSight found some creative ways to get more value out of the vast amounts of data that they had, but were not currently using.

  • ┬áMunicipality sent CCTV of a sanitary manhole to MuniSight.
    MuniSight tagged the video data and attached it to the corresponding
  • Municipality sent images of assets to MuniSight.
    MuniSight geotagged these images and attached them to the appropriate
    assets within WebMap.
  • Engineering information is now catalogued and attributed to
    each asset and can be viewed at any time.
  • Municipal staff from various departments can now access the most recent asset information on demand. This lets small urban municipalities get added value out of expensive engineering information.

Why Urban Municipalities Choose Us?


Rate payers often hold municipalities accountable for how their tax dollars are being spent. MuniSight helps municipalities be more transparent by allowing rate payers to find municipal information easily through our public portal.


Municipalities can quickly and easily generate multiple reports. Leverage your data to create meaningful reports to guide data driven decision making.

Fee Free 20

Any service request that takes less than 20 minutes to resolve will be free - known as the Fee Free 20 Professional Services Policy.

Data Security

All municipal data is secured and stored in Canada.